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dk ile oynamak acaip zevkli üstündeki gearı level 80dede emote awesome Smile  


14 Kas 2008 00:56

Mesaj Gönder

ben yenı baslıcam tavsıyelerınız alıım:=)  


14 Kas 2008 00:57

Mesaj Gönder

wow sux :vınnn:  


14 Kas 2008 01:19

Mesaj Gönder

lich king i nası buldunuz Neutral  


14 Kas 2008 01:34

Mesaj Gönder

çok başarılı mapler ve mob tasarımları söz konusu .  


14 Kas 2008 01:45

Mesaj Gönder

şaşırmış Neutral kljdshcgjksagd  


14 Kas 2008 03:49

Mesaj Gönder

world first level 80

mmo-champion: hello nymh, and congratulations for your level 80 ! could you tell us a bit more about yourself ?

nymh: i play a warlock named nymh on the french server drek'thar. i used to be the guild leader of harmonie, a french top pve guild who was among the first to kill kil'jaeden, but we eventually decided to merge with the 2nd guild of our server. the result is genesis, which was originally an pre-bc high level guild. in real life i'm 21 and currently employed, i took a few days of vacation for the release of the expansion.

mmo-champion: you reached the max level 27 hours after the european servers went online, that's pretty fast even if you spend all your time leveling ... could you tell us how you achieved that ?

nymh: the idea first came up when i saw this post from jynxx. the idea looked nice and i decided to run a few tests on beta servers. it took about 3 hours to level from 78 to 79 and considering that it was one of the longest level, it seemed good enough to use this strategy to powerlevel at the release.

the biggest problem was to find a spot with enough monsters to grind without too much downtime ... i spent some time on beta servers and eventually found the crypt in drakil'ji ruins (grizzly hills), i think that's one of the only place in wrath of the lich king where monsters repop in about 30 seconds, mobs here are also neutral and it makes grinding a little safer.

i also had to optimize my downtimes and decided to level with a healer out of party, pavelomm was nice enough to spend the last 27 hours healing me without taking any xp and he obviously played a huge role in the process.

when i reached level 76 i realized that my leveling speed was slightly lower than what i experienced in beta, i decided to change the template from the original post and switched to something with 2 points in shadow mastery to make my dots stronger and the leveling a bit easier. (it usually takes 2 dots to kill a monster)

mmo-champion: the first level 80 was supposed to be darus, a paladin who did some powerleveling in instances with athene and a few other people and eventually got suspended by blizzard at level 79. (and reseted to level 70 a few hours later) did you hear about him ?

nymh: yeah i had a few people monitoring other servers to give me updates about the situation here, i don't really know how darus did that but i assume it will be hotfixed by blizzard very soon.

mmo-champion: is there anyone you want to thanks ?

nymh: sure ! there are a bunch of people who helped a lot with my leveling.

* pavelomm was nice enough to stay with me for the last 27 hours and managed to keep me alive for all this time!
* pratax originally planned to level with me but couldn't be here due to last minute work obligations, he helped me a lot during beta when i was planning everything.
* ardanell / bro / zhazha were nice enough to run all the way to grizzly hills to teleport me to ironforge and let me train my new spells without wasting too much time.
* coralie, who was nice enough to buy me the game 2 days ago!

and of course, the whole genesis guild and all the players from drek'thar-eu!


yuh be yuh  


14 Kas 2008 09:06

Mesaj Gönder

adam lvl 80 olmuş diorum sen ne diosun Kahkaha  


14 Kas 2008 09:10

Mesaj Gönder

gz m8 welcome to northrend ^^  


14 Kas 2008 15:21

Mesaj Gönder

dün gördüğüm level 77 level olan birine yuh diyodum...millet uçmuş..en güzeli tadında oynamak Smile  


14 Kas 2008 18:31

Mesaj Gönder

ah ahhh ön siparişinde internet almanında Very Happy...hala gelmedi lanet oyun  


14 Kas 2008 20:10

Mesaj Gönder

goymusum wowa  


15 Kas 2008 12:17

Mesaj Gönder

yesil itemli lvl 72 paladin benim full epic pvp gearli lock umu kesti yav. adamin sadece hp sinin yarisini alabildim Sad  

eglaanca EldaR

15 Kas 2008 22:48

Mesaj Gönder