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13 Nis 2015 18:24

Mesaj Gönder

into the wild gibi olmasın sonra Confused  


13 Nis 2015 19:15

Mesaj Gönder

ney ney Neutral  

young Jedi

13 Nis 2015 19:18

Mesaj Gönder

sistem incille basladi Confused

be fruitful and multiply, we said, and machines were fruitful and they multiplied.

they promised they would work for us.

now we work for them.

the machines we invented to produce more food now produce more hunger.

the weapons we invented to defend ourselves now kill us.

the cars we invented to transport us now paralyze us.

the cities we invented so we could meet each other now keep us apart.

the mass media we invented so we could communicate now neither hear nor see us.

we are the machines of our machines.

they claim innocence.
and they are right.  


13 Nis 2015 20:20

Mesaj Gönder



14 Nis 2015 12:06

Mesaj Gönder

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